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Learn if bed bugs can hurt you from New Mexico Pest Control in Santa Fe & Albuquerque metros and surrounding areas

Can Bed Bugs Hurt Me?

Bed bugs are certainly feared for their ability to take over our homes and bite us overnight. However, bed bugs are not considered to be quite the threat that other pests are. Although their bites can leave you with red, itchy bumps, bed bugs are not known to cause the issues other pests do. Plus, their bites aren’t painful at first. The main concerns associated with bed bugs are as follows.

  • Their bites can cause symptoms that are uncomfortable.
  • Bed bug bites can cause more serious symptoms, such as allergic reactions.
  • Infestations are very difficult to control without a professional exterminator.

The Dangers of Bed Bugs

Compared to some pests, bed bugs aren’t considered much of a threat to your health or safety. They aren’t destructive and don’t run the risk of spreading germs or disease. However, bed bugs cause homeowners a lot of distress. A bed bug infestation can disrupt your daily routine. Victims lose sleep, have to treat bites, front treatment costs, and worry about the possibility of being infected again. While rare, bed bug bites can be dangerous if the victim reacts to them poorly.

Are Bed Bug Bites Painful?

If you are bitten by a bed bug, you won’t know right away. Bed bugs inject an anesthetic and an anticoagulant that prevents a person from realizing they are being bitten. Pain from a bite can start anywhere from a few hours to a few days after the bite. The most common symptom of bed bug bites is itching, which can be painful if you have a lot of bites. Unfortunately, relieving the itch can cause the bites to become even worse and take longer to heal.

Threats of Bed Bugs in Santa Fe NM

Bed bugs typically don’t contribute to serious health issues, even when they bite people. The true danger of bed bugs is their ability to spread throughout your property and travel from one hiding spot to another. They’re also incredibly difficult to locate and get rid of on your own. Bed bugs almost always require the help of a professional exterminator to completely control.

Can Bed Bugs Hurt Me? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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