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Learn how bed bugs spread and lay eggsfrom New Mexico Pest Control in Santa Fe & Albuquerque metros and surrounding areas

How Do Bed Bugs Spread in Santa Fe NM?

Bed bugs will spread quickly throughout a property. The worst part is, their spread can often go sight unseen due to their hiding skills and quiet nature. Bed bugs can also spread from one place to another entirely by latching onto infested items. The most common ways bed bugs spread here in Santa Fe NM include:

  • When infested college students travel home
  • When travelers pick up bed bugs in hotels or airports
  • When infested secondhand items are brought into a home

Do Bed Bugs Fly or Jump?

The good news is that bed bugs are unable to fly or jump. This is because bed bugs have underdeveloped wings. They also are not capable of jumping long distances unlike some bugs their size (such as fleas). To get from one place to another, bed bugs have no choice but to crawl. Bed bugs actually are relatively slow crawlers. Because they tend to hide near where they feed, there’s no need for them to crawl quickly. After feeding, they’ll crawl back to their hiding spot until they emerge again. In rare cases, the bugs can be seen crawling on walls.

How Quickly Do Bed Bugs Spread in Santa Fe NM?

Due to their limitations, bed bugs can only spread by crawling. So how do they spread from room to room—or from one place to another entirely? Bed bugs most commonly latch onto purses, suitcases, backpacks, or luggage. From there, they can easily transport from one spot to another. This is why bed bug infestations frequently are tied back to travel, and why it’s important to stay vigilant when traveling to avoid bringing them home with you.

Bed bugs may be somewhat slow crawlers, but they’re expert hiders and can move from room to room in your home. Especially because of their life cycle, it’s important to learn how you can stop the spread of bed bugs.

Can People Spread Bed Bugs?

Although bed bugs commonly spread from latching onto suitcases or purses, they are not contagious and are not spread from person to person. Bed bugs do not like heat, and thus do not live on humans and transmit to other people that way. Although they aren’t directly contagious, it is very common for bed bugs to spread from one building to another through the ways mentioned above. This makes it crucial to team up with your local bed bug control experts for protection against infestations in Santa Fe NM.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread in Santa Fe NM? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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