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Attempting a natural bed bug remedy in Santa Fe NM - New Mexico Pest Control

Can I Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally?

All-natural or DIY bed bug remedies may work to reduce the chances of having bed bugs in your home, but they won’t be able to tackle an active infestation. However, it is worth trying these strategies to be preventative, just in case.

While not all of these will help you, some common natural methods of bed bug prevention are:

  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Peppermint
  • Essential oils
  • Dryer sheets
  • Baby powder
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Dryer sheets

All-Natural Repellents for Bed Bugs

There are obvious reasons as to why people seek out all-natural bed bug remedies, but do these answers actually work? It’s important to remember that these methods won’t eliminate an entire infestation.

  1. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth on infested areas can absorb water and oils from the exoskeleton of a bed bug, drying them out.
  2. Essential oils have been touted by many as natural insect repellents, but they do not work against bed bugs.
  3. Petroleum jelly has been claimed to slow down and trap bed bugs, but they are able to power through it.
  4. There is no concrete proof that dryer sheets, baby powder, and other common at-home remedies can control bed bugs.

Does DIY Bed Bug Treatment Work?

Although some of these methods can help to keep bed bugs away. However, they will not bring an entire infestation of bed bugs to an end. Bed bugs must be taken care of by a trained professional who specializes in removing them. As nice as it sounds to go forward with all-natural treatment, they simply won’t do to get rid of all of your bed bugs.

Preventing Bed Bugs Naturally vs. Professionally

To prevent bed bugs, you have to know the signs of their presence in your home, take precautions during travel, and inspect any secondhand items before bringing them inside. While all-natural methods may work to prevent other kinds of pests, sometimes you just can’t avoid bed bugs. They are unpredictable and will take over any house that they can!

Can I Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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