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Taking care of an infested mattress in Santa Fe NM - New Mexico Pest Control

Do I Have to Throw Out My Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

You do not need to toss your mattress after a bed bug infestation. You should actually avoid this, because disposing of bed bug-infested items can contribute to furthering the spread of the infestation to a new location. To get the bed bugs out of your mattress, take these steps:

  1. Strip the linens off of your bed and wash them in hot water.
  2. Keep your box frame and mattress where they are to avoid spreading bed bugs in the home.
  3. Reach out to a professional exterminator to plan a heat treatment or other extermination solution.

Why You Should Not Throw Away Your Mattress

If you are dealing with bed bugs, throwing out your mattress and box spring will not get rid of the infestation. Bed bugs usually aren’t only hiding in your bedding. They usually spread to other hiding places inside your home. If you replace your mattress with a new one, it is likely that your brand-new bed will be teeming with bed bugs in no time. You must treat your whole house for bed bugs to stop the infestation.

Do You Need to Throw Away Bedding or Furniture?

You should not have to throw away any of your belongings during a bed bug infestation. With a proper plan for treatment, everything in your home should be salvageable. Instead of throwing away your bedding and clothing, you should wash them on the highest heat setting in the washing machine. Exposure to high heat is the best way to kill bed bugs.

All of the furniture in your house should be able to be treated. If you already have old furniture that you intend to replace, though, a bed bug infestation is a perfect excuse to get rid of it. Make sure to wait until after treatment to remove any old furniture.

Will Bed Bugs Infest All Furniture?

If you have a bed bug problem in your home, they’re likely also in areas that you aren’t aware of. Bed bugs can hide in obvious places like upholstered furniture, but can also take refuge in the cracks and crevices of wooden pieces like tables and chairs. Similarly to mattresses, it is not your best bet to throw out your infested furniture in the middle of a bed bug outbreak.

Do I Have to Throw Out My Bed Bug Infested Mattress? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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