10 Neat Facts About Spiders

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Our spider control technicians at New Mexico Pest Control have seen it all—there are many kinds of spider species living around New Mexico, and many families full of people that want nothing to do with them. While we are more than happy to help you with your spider problems, we also want to teach people about spiders in the process. The more you learn about them, the less afraid you might become!

10 of Our Favorite Facts About Spiders

  1. Most spiders can’t hurt you: Although all spiders have venom, it takes a rare quantity of venom to seriously harm a human.
  2. They’re all over the place: Research shows that you are very likely to be less than 10 feet away from the nearest spider at any time! Even though they’re all around, you won’t run into many, on account of their preferring to stay hidden.
  3. There are thousands of spider species: Experts have documented over 35,000 species of spiders worldwide and expect that many more will show themselves in the coming years.
  4. Spiders can boogie: During their mating rituals, some kinds of spiders put on a courtship display of arm-waving, scuttling dance moves. Their dances can last for nearly an hour!
  5. They give gifts: Some male spiders will catch an insect and wrap it up in silk to give to a female they’re courting as a gift. In some cases, though, they have been observed cutting corners by wrapping up leaves or other junk.
  6. Female spiders eat their mating partners: Some species of spiders’ females will eat or bite off the head of their male counterpart before, during, or after copulation. They occasionally preserve the body of the male to feed to their offspring once they hatch.
  7. Spider silk is liquid: Before it makes contact with the air, spider silk is produced as a liquid and sits inside the spinning gland, waiting to be ejected.
  8. Silk is used in many ways: Although spider silk is well known for its use in bug-trapping webs, certain spiders also use silk to build tunnels, nests, makeshift paths, and even float through the air.
  9. It’s stronger than steel: We know spider webs to be flimsy and weak, but this is only because of the density of the silk that they spin. Spider silk is actually 5 times stronger than steel cut to the same dimensions!
  10. Spider muscles have a strange property: We find it quite strange that spiders cannot both retract and extend their muscles. Since they can only draw them back in, they must pump a special fluid through their legs to push them back out. This same fluid is used to allow them to jump great distances.

Spider Control Technicians in New Mexico

Even though spiders want nothing to do with us, certain kinds like the black widow and the brown recluse can deliver life-threatening bites when they feel threatened. We also know that a house spider infestation can be unsettling—no one wants to deal with any kind of pest in their home! If you need to get rid of spiders, reach out to our spider control team at New Mexico Pest Control. Contact us today and receive a free quote!

10 Neat Facts About Spiders in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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