10 Tips for Pest-Proofing Your Backyard

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So many of us love the spring and summer for the warmth and sunshine that they bring. However, the pest problems that run rampant in these seasons can easily spoil an otherwise perfect outing or a day relaxing in the backyard. Your home doesn’t have to be a hotspot for pests, though! If you are looking to learn how to prevent pests from taking over your backyard in Santa Fe NM, read on. Our exterminators at New Mexico Pest Control are here to share some important at-home pest prevention advice!

10 Tips to Keep A Pest-Free Backyard

There are a wide variety of insects, arachnids, and animals that fall under the pest umbrella around Santa Fe, so you have to have a plan to protect your yard from all of them. Here are our top 10 tips for backyard pest control in the region:

  1. Trim your plants: Your trees, bushes, and shrubs can all create dense and shaded hiding places for small bugs or even rodents. Trimming them back will give them fewer options for shelter.
  2. Cut your grass short: Overgrowth in your grass leads to many problems, pest outbreaks included. Mowing once a week can help reduce your risk of backyard infestations.
  3. Prevent standing water buildup: Mosquitoes use standing water pools to breed in, so it is especially important to pour out or cover pooling rainwater wherever you find it during the spring and summer.
  4. Clear out yard waste: Piles of yard waste attract pests big and small that are looking for places to hide. It’s important to get rid of yard waste around your property as often as you can.
  5. Dethatch your lawn: Too much thatch can suffocate your lawn, but it can also provide small lawn-infesting insects with reliable shelter. Dethatch your lawn to keep your lawn growing healthily and pest-free.
  6. Use garden netting: Garden netting is a smart option for people whose plants are commonly ravaged by raccoons or eaten away at by aphids.
  7. Store firewood safely: Firewood haphazardly tossed against the side of your home can lead to devastating termite infestations. Store your woodpile off of the ground and away from your home.
  8. Water your lawn carefully: Overwatering can create easily accessible moisture for all kinds of insects, while underwatering helps pests like chinch bugs and crickets thrive. Regulate your lawn’s water intake with a sprinkler system or irrigation system.
  9. Be smart about waste bins: Many kinds of pests, from wasps to opossums to ants, will forage in our bins for food. Use sealable lids if possible and keep your cans far away from your yard.
  10. Hire an exterminator: A trained exterminator will be able to quickly identify the source of your backyard pest infestation and develop a plan to get rid of it.

Pest Control for Your Backyard in Santa Fe NM

If you’re ready to take action against your pest problem, calling up your local exterminators is the safest way to go. Our pest control technicians at New Mexico Pest Control will be able to assess your yard and figure out the most efficient and effective way to get rid of your pests using environmentally friendly methods and products. Contact us today for a free quote!

10 Tips for Pest-Proofing Your Backyard in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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