5 Tips to Keep Spring Pests Away

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Everyone knows that pests are a problem year-round in Santa Fe. However, the spring season sees a flux of pest activity. This time of year, many pests that may have been less active in the winter have a resurgence of sorts. To prevent the many types of spring pests that will likely look to invade your Tennessee home, it’s important to implement some pest prevention measures into your spring cleaning routine! Read on for top tips from the experts at New Mexico Pest Control.

Common Spring Pest Problems in New Mexico

There are many pests that are active year-round, but spring sees a peak in pest activity. This time of year, the most likely pests you’ll encounter are:

  • Ants. With warmer weather comes hoards of ants in your home.
  • Termites. It’s swarming season. Termite infestations often start in the spring.
  • Rodents. Although they’re active year-round, rats and mice are a problem in the spring.
  • Stinging insects. Wasps and hornets are gearing up to build nests this time of year.

5 Ways to Stay Pest-Free in Springtime

Especially in the spring, pests are out in full force and will make every effort to infest your property. Some of the pest prevention tips that double as spring cleaning opportunities include:

  1. Tidy up! Clean under furniture, wipe down surfaces, and inspect areas of your home that need some fixing up.
  2. Clean your windows and doors thoroughly. If you find any cracks or crevices make sure to securely seal them.
  3. Deep-clean your carpets and rugs. Vacuum, shampoo, or even steam cleaning works well.
  4. Sanitize and clean your kitchen with a focus on your appliances. Crumbs and spilled liquids welcome all types of insects and pests.
  5. Remove debris from your yard, and trim any shrubs or tree branches away from your home. Clear out your gutters and downspouts.

The Importance of Seasonal Pest Control

Sometimes pests are inevitable, even when you’ve done everything you can to prevent them. If you’re noticing springtime pests show up in your home or business, it’s time to call our exterminators. We will work with you to ensure you are pest-free not just in the spring, but all year-long.

5 Tips to Keep Spring Pests Away in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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