How to Deal with Late Summer Pests

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If you thought that the end of summer means the start of a pest-free season, you are unfortunately mistaken. There are several kinds of bugs and wildlife here in Santa Fe NM that make do or even thrive in the heat and aridity of the late summer. If you want to make sure that the last of your warm season isn’t riddled with pest problems, you have to be proactive with your pest prevention strategies. Read on to learn about common late summer pest threats and what you can do to stop them with our experts at New Mexico Pest Control!

What Pests Are Out in the Late Summer?

Although we are now past what is traditionally referred to as “pest season”, there are still a variety of bugs and wildlife that we have to watch out for. These are the pests that we are most commonly called to deal with in August and September:

  • Ticks: Because tick breeding season is in the late spring and early summer, these parasitic pests are out in high numbers looking for hosts during the late summer. Be careful around tall grass and densely vegetated areas, or you might end up with one latching onto your leg.
  • Bees and wasps: Bees and wasps are infamous for approaching anyone with food, so if you host regular get-togethers in your backyard or barbecue often, you might end up with a beehive or wasp nest nearby.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes have to be dealt with early on in the spring so they don’t establish breeding populations. If mosquitoes find suitable breeding grounds on your property, they can stick around into the fall.
  • Wildlife: Animals that hibernate during the winter take full advantage of their summers. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with a raccoon or opossum problem late this summer.

How to Prevent Late Summer Pests

As a reminder, you should always get a professional exterminator involved if you think you’re dealing with a serious pest problem. However, if you’re just starting to notice signs or you want to be proactive about preventing late summer pests, we have some tips you should take:

  1. Close off entry points: you might have gaps in fencing, roofing, siding, foundation, or elsewhere in your structure or around your property. Close off cracks with a silicone-based caulk and install screens on windows and doors to prevent pest entry.
  2. Care for your yard: Trimming trees and shrubs, disposing of grass clippings and leaf piles, and decluttering in general can all prevent temporary hiding places for pests.
  3. Get rid of still water: Mosquitoes use pools of standing water as breeding grounds, no matter how small they are. Look for pooling rainwater around your yard, paying close attention to gutters, planters, and other similar receptacles.
  4. Be careful with trash: If you take out your trash often and use bins with lids that seal, you can prevent bees, wasps, wildlife, and more pests.

Professional Pest Control Help in the Late Summer

It’s not always your fault if a pest problem gets out of control — sometimes, we are just victims of circumstance. However, in this case, it’s smart to get in touch with your local pest control company right away. Our technicians at New Mexico Pest Control are licensed, certified, and trained in all of the particularities of seasonal pest control in Santa Fe NM. We can develop a plan that suits all of the needs of your property and teach you how to avoid similar problems going forward. Contact us today for a free quote!

How to Deal with Late Summer Pests in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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