Resolutions for a Pest-Free New Year

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As we approach the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, are you considering any New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe you plan to eat healthier, start a new workout routine (or restart an old routine), or learn a new skill. Whatever new year’s resolutions you have, or even if you have none, you can resolve to avoid a pest infestation in 2023. And you don’t need poisons or elaborate traps to make it happen. If you have a pest infestation, you can rely on New Mexico Pest Control to end the infestation. But if you follow a few key resolutions, there’s a chance you won’t need to call us at all in 2023.

You can start these four New Year’s resolutions today to help increase your odds of having a pest-free 2023:

1) Remove Clutter

Pests are attracted to areas that are quiet, dark and undisturbed. Do you have a large amount of clutter around your home?  If so, you’re inadvertently creating an ideal habitat for all kinds of pests. Roaches, mice and bed bugs all love easy access to areas where they will be able to feed and reproduce without being bothered. Because of that, it’s important to be vigilant about keeping your home uncluttered. Doing this won’t just keep pests away, it’ll also leave you with a more organized and pleasant home.

2) Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The two biggest attractants of pests are shelter and a source of food. Do you have food out on the counters? Are the dishes from last night’s dinner still in the sink? How long has it been since you last swept or vacuumed the kitchen? Any of these scenarios could attract rodents or mice. Keep your food stored in a sealed container and your kitchen clean, it will go a long way to helping you stop attracting bugs or rodents. 

3) Seal Up Your Home

Pests all get in through some kind of opening in the exterior of your home. If you can find and seal potential entry points in or on the outside of your home, you can keep pests from getting in. Pay special attention to windows and doors, your foundation, vents, and the gaps around any electric, gas, or water pipes. And you can install new door sweeps or weatherstripping on exterior doors to further seal your home and keep pests out.  

4) Handle Firewood with Care

Few things are cozier than a nice wood fire in winter. However, when you bring in wood from outside, you may also inadvertently bring in insects that have taken up residence in the wood. To avoid bringing spiders, ants, flies, or other pests into your home, only bring in the wood you plan on burning at the time, and always inspect the wood before you bring it inside. Also, consider storing your firewood further away from your home, ideally 20 feet, rather than right against it. You don’t want pests living in your firewood to have immediate access to your home. Take these precautions, and you’ll be able to stay warm and keep pests out.

New Mexico Pest Control

If you follow these steps and still wind up with a pest infestation sometime next year, New Mexico Pest Control is here to help. We’ve been providing pest control services to New Mexico for over 70 years; we know the pests that live here and how to get rid of them. Call us to get started


Resolutions for a Pest-Free New Year in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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