What to Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Company

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When you discover pests in your home, it becomes a top priority to get rid of them. There’s no time to waste on pest control companies that don’t get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

So who do you turn to? There are undoubtedly a number of options for pest control in your area, and all of them will claim to provide the best service. Here are some questions that you can ask to ensure that you’re choosing the right one for your needs:

How do you decide on your extermination plan?

Every infestation arises from a unique situation and requires personal attention to solve most efficiently. Ask your local exterminators what their process usually looks like. Here at New Mexico Pest Control, we approach our client’s pest problems with a holistic mentality:

  • We start with a primary inspection, in which an exterminator will dedicate a session to assessing the problem from all possible angles.
  • They then develop a plan of action that looks at both extermination and prevention of similar problems.
  • Once a plan is set in place, we schedule a return date and continue to send our technicians back until the infestation is tackled and your property is prepared to deny similar issues from happening.

Are your pest control methods safe?

Some commonly chosen pesticides have been proven to make use of chemicals that are harmful to more than just pests. Ask your chosen exterminator what kinds of guidelines they follow when choosing pesticides and other equipment.

At New Mexico Pest Control, we take pride in our prioritization of the health and safety of our customers and their children, pets, and plants.

Are you licensed and insured?

A trustworthy pest control company will be able to show that they have licenses and insurance to verify their credibility. It’s imperative that your chosen exterminator has liability insurance to protect you against any damage that is accidentally caused to your home during their process.

Companies with properly certified employees should make the top of your list. Our employees here at New Mexico Pest Control are certified by the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, and attend classroom trainings annually to be recertified.

How are your reviews?

If a pest control company can do their job well, they should be able to prove it. If their reviews aren’t displayed on their website, ask to see how their customers have rated their performance.

Our ratings are displayed on the bottom of all of our webpages for full transparency. We currently have a 4-star cumulative rating, combining over 100 customers’ reports. Our team has successfully stomped out pest problems in many homes in the Santa Fe NM area, and are equipped to do the same for you.

Can you keep pests from coming back?

A good exterminator is able to both rid your home of pests and keep them from coming back. Taking the time to pest-proof a home after initial extermination shows that a company values you as real people with real problems, not just as a customer. This is why the prevention plan remains integral to our process, and our customers know that they can trust us should they ever see infestation issues again.

If you’re having a pest problem right now, reach out today for a free quote. Our pest control experts service many areas in New Mexico and will take whatever steps are necessary to put an end to your pest problem and see to it that it never returns.

What to Ask When Hiring a Pest Control Company in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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