When to Call a Rodent Exterminator

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Whether you’ve encountered a mouse scampering along your kitchen floor, a rat chewing on your electrical cords, or squirrels burrowing in your crawl spaces, rodents can cause any homeowner a plethora of problems (including headaches). The first sighting of a rodent in your property warrants a call to your local pest professionals to take care of the situation before it becomes dangerous. It’s essential to know the signs of a rodent infestation and when you should enlist the help of experienced exterminators such as New Mexico Pest Control.

Do I Have a Rodent Problem?

The most common signs that you have a rodent problem:

  • Small droppings, especially around food packages and in the kitchen.
  • Piles of shaved wood found inside or outside.
  • Nesting materials, including shredded paper or fabric.
  • Signs of chewed-through food packages or holes chewed through walls and doors.
  • Odd smells coming from vents or inside the walls.
  • Scratching sounds from inside the walls or on the roof.
  • And of course, seeing the rodents inside your property, especially during the day.

These are proven signs that you need professional rodent control, and quickly!

Two Main Reasons You Need a Rodent Exterminator

  1. Rodents can cause illness. Mice, rats, and occasionally squirrels want two things: food and shelter. They will take all means necessary to squeeze inside your property, and if they find food, they’ll never leave! When rodents get into your cabinets, they can contaminate your food when they leave behind urine and feces. Just the thought of that is gross, but it’s not even the worst part: Rodents carry diseases and pathogens! They can also cause your family to have allergic reactions such as hives or asthma attacks. Because rodents are prolific breeders, your small rat problem can become a giant one quicker than you may realize.
  2. Rodents can cause extensive damage. Rodents are classified together because they all share one thing in common: their teeth! A rodent’s sharp incisors never stop growing, so it is driven to continually gnaw on things just like a teething baby. A rodent can chew through just about anything, including some kinds of metal, most kinds of wood, and even wires, potentially creating fire hazards. If squirrels, rats, or mice manage to get inside your property, they will chew holes in your walls, build nests, and breed rapidly.

When Should I Call a Rodent Exterminator?

The answer to this question is simple: as soon as you notice a problem! Don’t wait and risk the health of your family or the safety of your building—the experts at New Mexico Pest Control can identify the rodents and locate their access points. It can be difficult to treat a rodent problem on your own, and it can take months. If you’re concerned about a potential rodent problem, or you want to take preventative action, call New Mexico Pest Control today for a free quote!

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