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Are Grass Spiders Poisonous?

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A grass spider in its web in Santa Fe NM - New Mexico Pest ControlGrass spiders are one of the more common spiders living in Santa Fe NM. Their similar appearance to the wolf spider causes many people to be fearful of them, and their blazing speeds aren’t comforting to witness, either. But can these spiders pose a threat to you or your family? You’ll be happy to hear that grass spiders would much rather leave us alone than confront us, and they don’t actually have the capacity to harm us in the first place. Read on to find out why from the spider exterminators at New Mexico Pest Control!

Are Grass Spiders Dangerous?

Even though grass spiders are venomous, they cannot seriously hurt a human. Like all spiders, grass spiders prey on insects with venomous bites. However, humans are safe from these bites because grass spiders’ fangs are barely big enough to puncture our skin. Additionally, these spiders are timid by nature. Part of the funnel-weaving spider family, grass spiders prefer to hide away in their webs waiting for prey than to be out and about bothering us. If you see a grass spider in your yard, chances are it wants to go about its business just the same as you do.


How to Prevent Grass Spiders

We understand that even after learning about the avoidant nature of grass spiders, you still might not want them overrunning your yard. Here are some ways you can prevent grass spiders from living on your property:

  • Avoid leaving food out in your yard
  • Trim your plants, bushes, and trees regularly
  • Keep your lawn mowed short
  • Regularly dispose of your yard waste or compost pile
  • Remove webs that you find outside

One benefit of having grass spiders around is that they will eat common lawn and garden pests like aphids, moths, grasshoppers, and ants. If you leave them alone, they could actually protect your garden for you as an exchange for a place to live!

Grass Spider Control in Santa Fe NM

While you might appreciate grass spiders going to work outside your home, having them indoors or all over your patio is another story. If you need to get rid of grass spiders on your property, reach out to your local spider exterminators. Our team at New Mexico Pest Control can identify the reasons for your infestation and set up a plan to keep grass spiders away for good. To find out more about how we can help you and receive a free quote, reach out today!

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Are Grass Spiders Poisonous? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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