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A wolf spider mother carrying her eggs on her back in Santa Fe NM - New Mexico Pest Control

Many people are deathly afraid of spiders, and this rationale doesn’t come from nothing. Some spiders living in Santa Fe NM are capable of inflicting searingly painful, venomous bites that could even necessitate a hospital visit. However, most of the spiders in New Mexico, and worldwide, for that matter, aren’t strong enough to put humans in any real danger.

But what about wolf spiders and grass spiders? These two spiders have menacing appearances, but are they serious threats to our health? And how can we tell them apart? Read on to learn the differences between wolf spiders and grass spiders from our technicians at New Mexico Pest Control.

What’s the Difference: Wolf Spiders vs Grass Spiders

Wolf spiders and grass spiders can have very similar appearances in Santa Fe NM. Here are some features that set the two apart:

  • Wolf spiders are typically larger and wider than grass spiders.
  • If you find it in a web, it’s a grass spider. Grass spiders build funnel-shaped webs low to the ground; wolf spiders don’t spin webs.
  • Wolf spiders have a pair of eyes that are noticeably larger than the rest.
  • Wolf spider markings are darker and more pronounced than grass spiders’
  • Wolf spider mothers carry their egg sacs on their backs

Dangerous Spiders or Arachnid Friends?

It’s easy to jump to frantic conclusions when bitten by a spider. But are wolf spiders and grass spiders to be feared? Let’s find out:

  • Are wolf spiders dangerous? Wolf spider bites are venomous, but not poisonous or life-threatening as some rumor them to be. They are efficient hunters, but prefer to retreat when threatened by a much larger animal, such as us.
  • Are grass spiders dangerous? Like the wolf spider, grass spiders are not poisonous or able to inflict significant damage beyond swelling, soreness, and itchiness.

If your symptoms worsen dramatically or become unbearable over time, you may not have been bitten by the spider species you thought. Seek medical attention right away if your bite symptoms are persistent or continue to worsen. 

Avoiding Spider Bites in Santa Fe NM

Although it’s rare to experience a wolf spider bite or a grass spider bite, both will not hesitate to defend themselves if they see it necessary, and some people are simply victims of poor circumstances. If you have these spiders or different ones running rampant on your property, talk to your local pest control company. The spider control team at New Mexico pest control is equipped and able to remove all kinds of spiders from homes and businesses, as well as put measures in place to keep them out. Contact us today to learn more!

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Wolf Spider vs Grass Spider in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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