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How Much Damage Can Termites Cause in Santa Fe NM?

Depending on the size and age of the colony, termites can cause anywhere from a little cosmetic damage to significant structural damage inside a property.

Termites can cause a lot of destruction over the course of their lifetimes. The damage they create can manifest in anything from a single chewed-through board to an entire beam being consumed. After infesting a building, it can take anywhere between 2 to 8 years to notice the signs of damage they cause. Throughout the nation, termites cause billions of dollars a year in damages as they make their way through the homes of millions unnoticed.

Learn how much damage termites can cause from New Mexico Pest Control in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Deming, Taos, Silver City and surrounding areasFacts About Termite Destruction

Termite damage is infamous for a number of reasons, including the following:

  1. Termites don’t discriminate. Don’t be fooled into thinking your home is immune to termites; it isn’t. Termites feed on cellulose, an organic material found in wood, so every standard home construction type is at risk, as well as many items inside the home.
  2. Termite colonies infest fast and grow fast. Termites create colonies in which some members with wings, called swarmers, migrate to start a new colony each year. This means that during warmer season termites could enter your home without any sign of early contact, and before you know it, they’re jeopardizing the structural integrity of your home. Some species can lay up around 1 million eggs in a single year!
  3. Termites can eat through a standard 2″ x 4″ in months. The average-sized termite population can eat through one foot of a 2″ by 4″ board in about half a year.
  4. Termites cost homeowners in the U.S. an estimated $5 billion a year. What’s more, a standard home with termite damage takes an average of $3,300 annually to repair. That’s not pocket change.

The Extent of Termite Damage

Although they may work slowly, the danger of termites lies in the fact that an infestation can go unnoticed for a long time. Since these wood-boring insects are largely silent, it’s difficult to notice them until the damage has been done. Bottom line, any homeowner is susceptible to getting termites, and the amount of damage caused by infestations depends on a number of factors. No matter what, it’s important to implement preventative measures and invest in regular inspections from a professional pest control company to protect yourself from destructive termites.

How Much Damage Can Termites Cause in Santa Fe & Albuquerque? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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