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Can Termites Hurt Me?

Termites are not known to attack or bite people, and do not pose serious health risks. Their true danger lies in their ability to cause serious structural damage to properties.

Although termites can cause significant destruction to wood, they almost never attack people, even when they are swarming or threatened. Additionally, termites do not carry or transmit diseases as other pests do. However, certain people may suffer from asthma attacks or allergic reactions inside homes damaged by termites due to irritating particles and dust from their nests.

Learn if termites can hurt people from New Mexico Pest Control in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Taos, Silver City, Deming and surrounding areasDo Termites Bite?

Someone being bit or attacked by a termite is very rare. Even though soldier termites have strong mandibles, they likely cannot pierce the skin with them. In the uncommon case a human is indeed bit, it’s important to know the following things:

  • A termite’s bite is not toxic or dangerous.
  • At its worst, a bite will leave a small red bump, causing minor irritation and itchiness.
  • There are no severe symptoms reported with termite bites, and they are not known to carry diseases.
  • If you experience excess swelling or pain, it’s important to seek medical attention in case you are having an allergic reaction.
  • Otherwise, the small red bump should stop itching and disappear within a few days.

Can Termites Hurt Pets?

Termites are no more harmful to pets than they are to humans; a termite biting your dog or cat is uncommon. Termites are known for being secretive and very rarely emerge, and usually only come into contact with people or pets when they are swarming. If your pet crosses paths with a termite and ingests it, they will most likely not suffer any symptoms. If you notice your dog showing signs of sickness or think they may have been bitten by a termite, it’s always smart to take a trip to your vet to be safe.

The Hidden Danger of Termites

Although termites are certainly frightening in their habits, it is very unlikely you or your pets will ever be bitten or attacked by termites. They prefer to stay hidden, feed on cellulose, and will only attempt to defend themselves if directly threatened. When it comes to having termites in your property, your main concern should be about the structural damage they are causing.

Can Termites Hurt Me? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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