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Lawn & Garden Termite Prevention

Your home isn’t the only part of your property that needs protection from termites. Property owners should never forget their lawn and garden when instilling preventative measures against termites.

Termites are attracted to any source of wood containing cellulose, which is why they could infest your garden or yard instead of or in addition to your home. Subterranean termites and agricultural termites are the species most likely to infest your yard, while drywood termites can infest trees and other landscaping not in contact with soil. For the most part, preventing termites in your garden and yard requires many of the same methods as preventing them in your home.

Learn about lawn and garden termite prevention from New Mexico Pest Control in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos, Las Cruces, Silver City, Deming and surrounding areasWhat Attracts Termites to My Yard?

Your front yard or garden can be just as if not more appealing than your home when termites are searching for their source of food to feed on. The following situations may unknowingly attract termites to infest your yard:

  • Stacks of firewood or lumber are kept near the home. You should never let piles of firewood touch the soil in your yard. Instead, make sure to store them several inches above the ground.
  • Tree roots, dead trees, or decaying stumps are left unattended. Termites will actively seek out rotting wood, so removing it promptly is of the essence.
  • Standing water or poor drainage issues are ignored. Moist, wet environments are extremely suited for termites. Promptly fix any moisture or drainage issues you may have.
  • Your deck or patio is not properly taken care of. Letting your outdoor space suffer from decay or rot is an easy way to attract termites. Make sure to apply treatment and, if possible, have support beams touching concrete rather than dirt.

Treating Your Lawn and Garden for Termites

Using chemical-filled products in a garden to ward off pests isn’t exactly ideal. Thankfully, there are a number of more eco-friendly ways to protect your yard from termites, including orange oil, cardboard traps, diatomaceous earth, nematodes, boric acid, and more. When you already have an infestation, it’s best to call a pest control company who knows how to properly treat your yard without killing off your garden. An expert, such as one of the professionals at New Mexico Pest Control, has the experience and knowledge required to effectively remove termites from your lawn or garden.

Lawn & Garden Termite Prevention in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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