Carpet Beetle

Actual Size: 1/16” – ⅛”

Characteristics: Small beetles, varying in color and size.


  • Carpet beetles eat natural fibers.
  • Larvae are more destructive than adults.
  • Carpet beetles are scavengers.

Carpet Beetle Identification

A catch-all term for beetles that belong to the Desmistidae family, carpet beetles are small insects that eat carpet and other natural fibers. Carpet beetles are typically oval in shape, and vary in the appearance of color, and can be solid black or variegated blends of orange and yellow. Carpet beetle larvae are usually the first to catch a homeowner’s eye, as they are frequently striped and are covered in bristles, causing them to appear as furry. As these larvae mature, they will shed their “shells,” which is another common way that carpet beetle infestations are identified.

Carpet Beetle Behavior

Carpet beetles are present in many homes without being noticed. In small numbers, they can actually be beneficial to your home in the sense that they are good at breaking down old organic matter and “cleaning up” after other insects, including feeding on dead insects, pollen and bird nest materials, and deserted stinging insect nests. However, carpet beetles are scavengers, and when carpet beetle population swells in a home, they can move on to eating household items such as rugs, carpets, book bindings, fabric furniture, skins, and furs.

Carpet Beetle Prevention

You can help keep carpet beetles at bay through frequent dusting and vacuuming and keeping your stored food items in tightly sealed containers. Also, due to carpet beetles’ attraction to pollen, you should also be mindful of any flowers and plants that are brought into the home. If you believe that your home has fallen victim to a carpet beetle infestation, our extermination experts at New Mexico Pest Control can provide advice on how to get your home carpet beetle free.