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5 Tips to Keep Spring Pests Away

Everyone knows that pests are a problem year-round in Santa Fe. However, the spring season sees a flux of pest activity. This time of year, many pests that may have been less active in the winter [...]

It’s Termite Season! Termite Awareness Week

Every spring, pest control companies around the nation share info on Termite Awareness Week! This time of year, termites begin to swarm, making it important to know how to prepare. Our team aims [...]

Carpenter Ant or Termite? What’s the Difference?

True to their name, wood-destroying insects are responsible for some of the nation’s most destructive pest infestations. Carpenter ant and termite swarmers are two of the most feared pest [...]

The Risks of Rodents in New Mexico

Rats and mice infestations are a fact of life in New Mexico year-round. We all know rodent infestations are gross, but they can be dangerous, too. Rats and mice are infamous for causing a lot of [...]

8 German Cockroach Facts to Remember

Cockroaches are a fact of life in New Mexico. If you’re dealing with an infestation, chances are you’re dealing with German cockroaches. This species is the most common in homes, restaurants, [...]

8 Steps to Prevent Rats & Mice in the Winter

New Mexico may have more mild winters than some parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean residents don’t experience pest problems all the same. Rodent infestations are one of the most common [...]

Common Winter Pests & How to Prevent Them

New Mexico may have mild winter weather when compared to the rest of the country, but we still experience our fair share of winter pest problems! When the weather changes, many types of pests and [...]

Pest-Proof Your Christmas Tree in 4 Steps

Picking out a Christmas tree is a beloved tradition that people look forward to every holiday season. Research has shown that nearly 30 million households buy a real Christmas Tree every year. As [...]

Home for the Holidays? How to Prevent Bed Bugs

The holidays are the busiest time of the year, and Thanksgiving is known as one of the most hectic times to travel. Bed bug infestations notoriously start after people come home from traveling, [...]

5 Steps to a Pantry Pest-Free Home

Whether you are in charge of baking pies for Thanksgiving or are gearing up to make Christmas cookies, the holiday baking season is here. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when many [...]

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