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Ant infestations are the most commonly reported pest problem for homeowners and businesses, as they enter structures in search of food and shelter throughout the entire year.  Ant removal is notoriously difficult without the help of professional ant exterminators. At New Mexico Pest Control, we specialize in ant pest control and can help you identify and eradicate these pests.

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Ants are a dreaded household pest. Unfortunately, they’re also very common. Ants may appear small, but they can be a hassle to get rid of without the help of a professional ant exterminator. Certain species, such as carpenter ants, can be even more dangerous. Even seeing a few ants is indicative of a possible ant infestation, making it important to call the ant removal experts at New Mexico Pest Control as soon as you spot ants in your home or business.

Common Ants in Santa Fe and Albuquerque

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Ant extermination, control and removal in Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque New Mexico.

Our Ant Removal Process

Here at New Mexico Pest Control, we know that ant problems can be anyone’s worst nightmare. Our ant extermination focuses on long-term ant control in your home or business. Some of the steps our ant exterminators will take include:

  1. A property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the ant species
  2. Placement or application of ant control products and insecticides
  3. Proper sealing of entry points to control sources of the infestation
  4. A detailed ant removal report describing the treatment
  5. Ant control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

Signs Of An Ant Infestation

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When To Call An Ant Exterminator

How to Eliminate Fire Ants


Why do I have ants in my home?

Like humans, ants need shelter, food, and water to survive. Constantly foraging for food, ants will be attracted to protein, sweet and greasy substances, and moisture. Scout ants leave a scent trail to alert the rest of the colony that they have located a food source in your home. Pet food, sugary spills and grease around stoves are attractive to ants. Excess moisture in sinks and around plumbing fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms can attract an infestation.

Do ants bite or sting?

Although all ants have the ability to bite or sting, the severity of their bites depends on the species. Many pest ants that invade homes, such as Argentine ants (also known as “sugar ants”) and odorous house ants, will bite if provoked, but bites are mild and do not pose any health risks. More aggressive species, like fire ants and harvester ants deliver intense stings with possible allergic reactions in people and animals.

Where did ants come from in my home?

Ants typically nest outside in underground nests. When the weather changes, ants seek food, water, and shelter and will enter homes if they have access. Cracks in the foundation, gaps in exterior walls, dryer vents, and gaps underneath doors allow ants to enter. Ants also get into homes through damaged window screens and gaps around windows and doors, sneaking in underneath garage and exterior doors.

How did I get flying ants in my home?

At certain times of the year, ants swarm to mate, and your home may be infested by flying ants. These ants are called ‘reproductives” and they possess wings. When a colony is growing, the reproductives come out of the colony to mate. Often confused with termites, flying ants have thinner waists and shorter wings. If you spot flying ants in the home during the colder months, it’s an indication that ants are living within the structure. 

Will ants nest inside the wall?

Although ants build underground nests outdoors, some ants will nest indoors in protective spaces of homes. During colder weather, Argentine ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, and pharaoh ants will nest in walls and undisturbed areas of homes. They are attracted to the warmth of your home, and once inside your warm walls, can chew through and damage electrical wiring causing a potential fire hazard.

Can ants spread disease?

Ants cannot spread disease from their bites, however, they do harbor and transfer pathogens and disease-producing organisms as they forage for food. Ants carry and can spread bacteria, including Salmonella. Kitchens and bathrooms are favorite locations for ants. As ants forage in bathrooms, they pick up germs and organisms near toilet and sink areas, transferring them to food prep areas and utensils and prep in kitchens.

How do you get rid of ants inside?

Ants live outside and come inside in search of food and water. A regularly scheduled pest control service will eliminate ant nests outdoors, and slow down any activity inside your home. To deter ants, seal entry points with a silicone-based caulk and spray undiluted vinegar along any trails that you find. Repair leaky plumbing and eliminate food sources by storing foods in containers, cleaning floors, and sanitizing all surfaces.

How can I stop ants from coming into the house?

To keep ants out of your home, inspect the exterior and block off entry points for ants by sealing all cracks and crevices with a silicone-based caulk and apply weatherstripping around doors and window frames. Reduce excess moisture or standing water and repair any leaky pipes or faucets. Mop up spills, sweep up any food crumbs from under your kitchen appliances and store food in airtight containers wherever possible. Learn more >>

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Ant problems are a fact of life in New Mexico. Most homeowners have dealt with an ant infestation at one point or another. Unfortunately, DIY methods will not solve your ant infestation. While store-bought products may work to get rid of some ants, an ant infestation always needs to be tackled by a professional ant pest control company. Our team is committed to keeping you and your family ant-free all year long by using the industry’s best ant treatments and ant prevention methods. Contact us today to learn how our ant exterminators can customize a pest control plan suited to your property.

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