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Most people don’t welcome the sight of a stray spider or web. While most spiders inside a home or business are not a threat to humans, there are a few species in New Mexico that can be very dangerous, black widows and brown recluse spiders included. If either of these spiders are seen—or if you’re dealing with an excess amount of spiders in your property—it’s time to call the spider exterminators at New Mexico Pest Control. Our spider pest control methods are proven to keep your home spider-free—guaranteed!

Professional Spider Exterminators

While most spiders are completely harmless, several spiders pose a dangerous threat to humans. In New Mexico, the two spiders that are the deadliest to humans are the black widow and the brown recluse. Since a few people die each year from the bite of either of these two spiders, it’s extremely important for any person that is bitten by one of these spiders to seek treatment immediately. If either of these spiders are seen in or near your home, call the spider removal experts at New Mexico Pest Control! Learn how to identify them below.

Common Spiders in Santa Fe & Albuquerque

We are no strangers to spider problems here in New Mexico. The following spider species are commonly found in the southwest region:

Spider Pest Control Techniques

Most types of spiders are beneficial in keeping other pest populations under control, but no one wants them overrunning their property! Especially when it comes to poisonous types, spider removal requires the help of a trained exterminator. Our spider pest control team will thoroughly inspect your property to identify the type of spider you’re dealing with before proposing a spider removal plan suited to the unique needs of your property.

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Spider Extermination in New Mexico

There are plenty of other spiders in New Mexico, such as the grass spider, wolf spider, hobo spider, and the rock spider, just to name a few. These spiders do not have the same strong venom in their bite, but it is very painful, and treatment may be required. House spiders, on the other hand, are often harmless and simply prefer the living environment inside your home. That said, no one wants an abundance of spiders in their home. Call our team today to learn more about our spider pest control services!

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