Now’s the Time for Ant-Proofing Your Home

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Have you noticed that ant problems flare up every spring in the Santa Fe area? That’s because worker ants are becoming active and leaving their nests after overwintering. When warmer temperatures arrive each year, the ants come out in full force. If you’ve had an ant problem in the past, you know how difficult they are to control. For that reason, it’s best to learn the best methods of ant-proofing your home in preparation for them! In this blog post, New Mexico Pest Control shares expert ant-proofing tips to help keep ants out of your home in the months ahead.

What Do Ants Look For?

Just like a lot of pests, ants are attracted to sources of food and water. This makes kitchens the most likely target of ant infestations. Any crumbs on the ground or counter tops will surely attract a line of ants. In addition, ants are attracted to spots with moisture problems. Any leaky faucets or faulty pipes will draw ants in. For the most part, ants can make their way indoors through even the tiniest cracks and crevices, and will be encouraged to stay if your home provides them food and water.

8 Ant-Proofing Tips

With info compiled from the NPMA, we’ve put together a list of ant-proofing tips that can help lessen the risk of an ant infestation in your home:

  1. Inspect your property and seal any cracks or crevices using a silicone-based caulk.
  2. Keep any pet food bowls clean and always clean up messes made. Pick pet bowls up off the floor after meals.
  3. Ensure downspouts and gutters are all functioning properly so that water is flowing away from the foundation.
  4. Regularly check under sinks for excess moisture problems and repair leaky pipes promptly.
  5. Trim trees and shrubbery in your yard to be at least 6 inches away from the property.
  6. Wipe down any countertops and sweep floors regularly to clean up spills and remove crumbs.
  7. Store food (including pet food) in airtight containers and refrigerate ripe fruit.
  8. Dispose of garbage on a regular basis and use trash cans with a tight-fitting lid.

How to Prevent Ants For Good

Ants can be unpredictable and infest your property even when you’ve done all you can to prevent them. To keep ants out for good, it’s best to consult a professional ant exterminator. At New Mexico Pest Control, we have the decades of experience needed to get rid of your ant problems and make sure they don’t return.

Now’s the Time for Ant-Proofing Your Home in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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