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Are you noticing quick, reddish-brown roaches scurrying around your home or business in Santa Fe NM this year? This could be a sign of an American cockroach infestation. The American cockroach is one of the most common cockroach species in our area.

Getting rid of these pests is tricky because of their reclusive nature. It’s important that you learn more about how they operate so you can address your infestation properly and return to a roach-free property. If you want to know how to get rid of American cockroaches, read on for advice from our technicians at New Mexico Pest Control!

The American Cockroach

You can tell from their name that the American cockroach is titled as such due to their prominence in our country. There are a few different kinds of roaches living around Santa Fe, so use these features to distinguish them from other species if you find roaches:

  • 1.5 to 2.5 inches in length. These are the largest roaches in the region
  • Reddish-brown coloration that darkens spreading from the center of their backs to their limbs
  • Often found in wet or moist places like drains, sewers, and bathrooms
  • Very fast insects, capable of reaching speeds over three miles per hour (which looks much faster than it sounds)

Preventing an American Cockroach Infestation

American cockroaches thrive around moisture and humidity, so given that our climate is usually arid, they’re more likely to want to be inside of our buildings than outside of them. This makes bathrooms, kitchens, sewage and drainage systems, and more man-made sites extremely vulnerable. It’s very hard to get rid of American cockroaches with DIY or store-bought products, so we recommend you take these prevention steps:

  1. Find leaks: Roach problems build up when we leave a leak unattended for too long. Check your plumbing fixtures for leakage often.
  2. Clean spills: Roaches need a food source, and they are hungry enough to eat just about anything. Make sure to clean all kinds of spills, food, drink, or water, right when they happen, and seal your food properly.
  3. Take your trash out often: Roaches can often find a wealth of food in your trash can. Use sealable bins and take your trash bags outside as often as you can.

American Cockroach Control in Santa Fe NM

One unfortunate trait of American cockroaches is that they’re very good at staying hidden. This means if you find one, it’s probably been pushed out of its desired space by many more cockroaches. At this point, it’s best to have a roach exterminator handle your problem. Our technicians at New Mexico Pest Control are trained to get rid of roaches using industry-leading products and strategies. We can identify the cause of your infestation and ensure you never have another one with preventative maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote!

Get Rid of American Cockroaches in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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