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All sorts of pests reemerge in the spring – the combination of rising temperatures and an increase in moisture makes for an ideal habitat for insects. As a barrage of new bugs sets in, many homeowners here in the Santa Fe NM area are going to discover that parts of their property have been overtaken by pests. At New Mexico Pest Control, we strive to prepare our customers with strategies that they can use to prevent pests on their own.

Common Spring Bugs

Before you start to prepare your home for the season, you should consider what kinds of bugs you’ll be expecting. Here are some pests you’re sure to find in New Mexico this spring:

  • Fire Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Flies
  • Bed bugs, and more

All of these pests have their quirks and preferences, but a lot of them are attracted to similar features that your house might have. There are some steps that you can take on your own to make your home less susceptible to a pest outbreak.

How to Keep Bugs Out of the House

Keeping a neat and tidy house is a great way to work towards a pest-free spring. Depending on what you’re trying to prevent, this might mean a number of things, so we’ve laid out three important methods to improve your chances of avoiding pests.

  1. Seal your food: Make sure that your food is always sealed properly and put away. Some insects, like ants, can detect an accessible food source from further than you think. Storing all of your food in resealable containers is an effective way to keep hungry pests out of your house.
  2. Close your windows and doors: Many insects can squeeze through even the tiniest of gaps to get into your house, so finding an open door or window is like hitting the jackpot for them. Placing screens on your doors and windows will allow you to get fresh air inside without inviting in a pest parade.
  3. Get rid of moisture: Lots of different bugs (termites, ants, and spiders, to name a few) are attracted to moisture. Try to eliminate moisture in your house by cleaning up messes and keeping susceptible spots properly ventilated. Pouring out any accumulated still water outside of your house will also aid in preventing mosquitoes.

Professional Pest Control in Santa Fe NM

If you need additional help preventing pests on your property in New Mexico, contact your local pest control company. At New Mexico Pest Control, we offer a variety of pest control services that have been helping to keep our clients’ homes pest-free for over 70 years. Reach out today for a free quote!

Spring Pest Control Tips in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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