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What Attracts Termites to My House in Santa Fe NM?

There are several things that attract termites to certain properties, including moisture problems, rotting wood, ventilation issues, and wood in contact with soil.

All termites are attracted to wood, but there are certain factors that increase the likelihood of an infestation. Knowing the things that may attract termites to your house can help prevent infestations:

  1. Learn what attracts termites from New Mexico Pest Control in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Taos, Deming, Silver City and surrounding areas

    Improper drainage or leaky pipes causing excess moisture near or in your property

  2. Firewood, rotten wood, or decaying lumber stored in or near your home
  3. Wood or wood foundations that are in direct contact with soil
  4. Airflow or ventilation issues causing excess humidity inside of a home
  5. Mulch or unruly landscaping too close to the foundation of the property

How Did I Get Termites?

Animals and insects rarely invade homes without cause. For the most part, all pests are alike in that they follow their natural instincts to find the ideal conditions for survival. It is no different for termites! If you can learn more about what attracts them to homes, you can help guard yours against an infestation. Some of the things they’re most attracted to include:

  • Dampness: Subterranean termites require moisture to survive and to digest their food, so any unattended-to leaks or sources standing water in or around your home make for the perfect environment.
  • Cellulose: Termites seek out cellulose, which is a main component of wood and plants. If your home has any wood-based structural component exposed to the ground, termites will be drawn to it.
  • Warmth: Mud tubes built by termites are used to trap in moisture and heat. Termites are also found more often in warm, damp climates across the nation.

Finding the Source of Termite Infestations

Realizing you have termites in your home is something no homeowner wants to go through, but learning how they got there in the first place is crucial to prevent future infestations. The biggest contributing factor to termite infestations is weather; when temperatures are just right, swarming termites will seek out a new habitat to build a new colony. If your home has any of the previously mentioned factors, it’s important to either remove the source of what may attract termites or otherwise stay on top of getting regular inspections and prevention methods.

What Attracts Termites to My House in Santa Fe & Albuquerque? in Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM

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